Why is VoIP Quality Testing Important?

Voice over internet protocol, as its name suggests is an internet-based service which requires fast internet speed or bandwidth in order to work properly. 

If you do not have enough bandwidth then your VoIP Business phone system wouldn’t work right despite who your service provider is. 

Testing your internet bandwidth through a VoIP quality test before deciding on a VoIP provider can save you the future hassles which come with issues caused due to a slow internet connection, like disconnections and poor quality of sound. 

A lot of the issues which you can face with VoIP phone services can be traced back to an overloaded or poor bandwidth, which can be recognised through a VoIP quality test.

It is a tough and huge decision to decide which VoIP service provider is the right for your business communication needs since it is a big investment. When you compare providers and networks then it is worth to have a VoIP quality test done. This way you can check the quality of connection and network speed to ensure that your system is adequately powerful to work with VoIP services.

VoIP Speed Test

A VoIP speed test is utilised to measure the efficiency of the internet connection that you have. The result of a VoIP test can help you confirm that your internet connection can manage running VoIP phone services. Once you are aware of the quality of your internet connection, you can then decide which VoIP services your internet connection can run efficiently without sacrificing the quality.

A number of factors can contribute to a poor test result on a VoIP test. If your internet connection does not provide enough bandwidth, to start with then you might be in trouble. However, also remember that even though your internet has a fast connection, if your connection is being used for running other programs like streaming services or games then there is less connection left to power your VoIP phone services. Also, there are physical factors which play a role in slow internet speed. For instance, loose wire or bad connectors on your modem or router can create havoc.

VoIP Quality Test

This basically is another name used for a VoIP test, a VoIP quality test can help ensure that your VoIP business phone system will work fine on your bandwidth connection. The speed of your internet connection can disturb the quality of VoIP connection which in turn changes the way your voice sounds to your callers.

What Does a VoIP quality Test Measure?

Some components of the VoIP internet connection quality test might include measuring upload speed, download speed, bufferbloat, packet data loss, round trip time/ping/latency and jitter.

Where to Find a VoIP Test Tool?

A lot of VoIP quality test tools exist, the majority of VoIP phone providers offer a free VoIP test tool on their site with simple directions which can help you get accurate results.

Further Considerations for VoIP Quality Test

When you examine the results of VoIP quality test and try to recognise what could possibly be disrupting the flow of data, remember the type of VoIP phone services which you are running. Residential or household connection can be disrupted by things like gaming and streaming, whilst business connection can be interrupted by features like cloud hosting and private services. It both cases, often multiple users use the same internet connection which evidently impacts the availability of bandwidth in a network all through a VoIP test dependent on the programs which are being run at any given time.

Troubleshoot VoIP Quality Test Results

IF your VoIP test shows results that your internet connection is very slow to support a good quality call then there are several steps which you can take in order to identify what actually is causing the issue with your internet connection. If one step does not recognise whether the issue is with your ISP or with your network, then you need to move on to the next step.

  • First, identify what is using your internet connection. What is actually being download at your business or home and when? Can you eliminate or lower those uses of internet bandwidth while you will be utilising your VoIP phone system?

  • Connect your VoIP phone device into your router. If your VoIP test tool comes backs with results of a good connection from your modem but a poor result from your router then the problem can be with your router.

  • Connect your VoIP phone device to your ISP (Internet service provider) modem When you use a VoIP quality test with this setup, it reveals whether the problem lies with your ISP or with your network. If your VoIP test tool reveals that your internet connection is very slow then it is probably a problem your Internet Service Provider and you will have to contact them for assistance.

  • Connect your VoIP phone device into whatever comes next. If there are any more hubs which exist in your wiring, then you need to test them too. This way you can substitute whichever piece of cable or hardware rests among where you get last good and first bad VoIP quality test result.

When you decide to employ VoIP phone services then you can compare VoIP Provider in UK to select the right provide for your business communication needs.

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