Sometimes, having a platform in the field of cryptocurrency, there must be things that are easy and not difficult to achieve, especially if it will be very successful in the future.

Indeed, sometimes there is an ICO in which it is beneficial for us to invest, if we are lucky, a friend. but if not, then this is not a good thing for us.

But my interesting note, it is better to try than just watch and comment, if it is profitable, you will also feel pleasure. If this is not in accordance with your will, do not stop trying.

Codeo is a division of FIVE ANGELS INVESTMENT (HOLDING) LIMITED British Virgin Islands (BVI), engaged in business development and innovation in the digital-based financial world. The company is funding digital startup companies through an incubation program to raise new startups for unicorns and even Decacons.

How to get a codec token?

Codec tokens that can be held through IEO such as CATEX (current), BINANCE, COINEAL, ARCHIDAX, etc. And you can trade in an exchange where the goal for the first year after the IEO is 25 exchanges.

Is the codec safe?

Codeo is a secure digital asset because it is based on decentralized and secure Ethereum ERC 20 technology. Codeo continues to develop security technologies by building its own blockchain network, which will be released in late August 2020.

Are there any other advantages to having a Coco Token?

With the codec, you get an additional benefit that accumulates from the $ 1 guaranteed value of receiving 1% annual interest per year. Multiply the number of tokens you have. Every June 7th, they receive these benefits and are sent to the Wallet codec.

1 dollar to buy benefits?

In addition to being secure, Codeo has the same benefits as a minimum price $ 1 guarantee. If the market situation gets worse, you can get a $ 1 guaranteed price and sell it at Archidax. In other words, the company will buy back through archidax. As a condition if the token price is less than $ 1

What is the reason and purpose of codec generation?

Codeo tokens are offered as innovations and solutions for digital market players and blockchains to trade using valuable and valuable digital assets of value and price. Because codeo is designed for current and future payment methods and transactions

Token Distribution


Symbol: CODEO

Initial Value: 1 CODEO = 1 USD

Smart Contract 0x46b4a7d906F1A943b7744Df23625E63726d79035

Type: ERC20

CODEO distribution 300 billion

CODEO first issued 3 billion






Username:FLOID 1995



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