What’s the CaiBao Room?

The CaiBao Room is a token pool that saves the tokens and coins from donation and also all the revenue from ads on CBNT (ETH、CBNT, & USDT). 100% of the revenue from the CaiBao Room will be distributed and exchanged by CBNT token holders. Each user’s available balance will be screenshotted every hour at random time, 24 hours a day. The CaiBao revenue will be allocated according to the proportion locked and sent at 2:00 AM on the 12th of every month (Singapore time); the distribution will last for about 1 to 3 hrs. After allocations are sent, users can apply to exchange at any time.

Allocation and Exchange rules:

1. Only users who passed KYC can enjoy revenue on the CaiBao Room.

2. Only the available balance will count to the allocation of CaiBao Room, while the locked token does not count.

3. The CaiBao Room revenue will be distributed once a month on the 12th. The revenue to be distributed this month is the revenue from 12th of last month to 12th of this month.

4. The allocation proportion is based on each user’s average available balance to all users’ available balance from midnight on the 12th of last month to this month.

5. Each time the CaiBao room has revenue distribution, you can exchange at once, and then wait for next months allocation.

6. Each exchange consumes 1 CBNT, so you need to pay 1 CBNT when applying to exchange.,

Unlock explanation:

The CBNT token mined now is locked, and does not enjoy the the Caibao revenue. A certain unlock rate will be available to each user based on the community rules. For the specific unlock rate, please stay stunned and wait for the official announcement.


Revenue amount = each user’s available balance / (all users’ available balance*revenue this month)

*Based on the actual operations of the project, CBNT reserves the right to revise and cancel this campaign. Please pay attention to CBNT's official announcement.