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1. What is CBNT?

CBNT is a decentralized, professional, and blockchain-based content sharing community, based on an ecosystem model of Decentralized Professional Generated Content (DPGC).

2. Total Supply of CBNT and Distribution

The total circulation of CBNT is 10 billion, and it will never be over-issued.
CBNT tokens will be distributed into five parts: 60% for the mining pool, 20% for the foundation, 10% for the founding team, 5% for private institutional investors, and 5% for the operations pool. For more information about CBNT, please visit the official CBNT website at

3. Rules to receive tokens:

Tokens for registration: please refer to the registration campaign; users who complete the registration will be rewarded with CBNT tokens, and the tokens will be released daily within a year. When users log in to the CBNT dApp, it will be automatically distributed into their wallets daily, and if he/she does not use the dApp that day, the tokens will be cumulated and delivered next time when they log in.

4. How to complete the identity verification?

The identity verification will be completed by the system automatically. Users need to submit the documents or files as required, and it will be processed within three business days; the final result will be available to users at their own accounts.

5. What can I do if the identity verification failed?

If the identity verification is not accepted, please resubmit the documents and photos as required; if it failed again, please contact with our customer service to help.

6. How to receive CBNT tokens?

Users can receive CBNT tokens through the following methods:
1. Registration: users can receive token rewards once registered on CBNT, and the tokens will be distributed within a year.
2. Referral: refer friends and gain referral rewards once the friend completes the identity verification.
3. Token-hold: Token holders can participate in the benefit-sharing of CBNT. 10% of mining tokens will be distributed to CBNT token holders.
4. Voting: CBNT token holders can participate in mining through commenting, sharing, and liking posts.45% of mining tokens will be distributed to these voting behaviors.
5. Posting articles: content authors can receive mining tokens though posting high-quality articles.45% of mining tokens will be distributed to posting articles.
6. Exchanges: users are free to purchase CBNT tokens on listed exchanges.

7. When will the tokens be distributed?

The settlement cycle is 7 days, and the tokens will be distributed according to the weights of all mining behaviors.

8. What is CB power?

1. Each user has limited mining/voting power, and every vote will consume a certain amount of CB power.
2. The max amount of CB power is 100 points, and each vote consumes 10 points. These points will recover to 100 points linearly.
3. When the CB power is less than 10 points, users can still vote on the article but will not participate in mining.

9. What kind of behavior can be regarded as mining?

Posting articles, sharing, leaving comments, and liking etc. behaviors on CBNT platform will all be considered as mining.

10. Rules for personal profile settings:

1. When an account is created, there will be a default username, and it can't ever be changed. Please consider carefully when you are creating the account.
2. Personal photo and brief introduction needs the confirmation of the system and can only be changed three times a month.

11. Reasons for failing to post articles:

1. Please check your Internet.
2. Additional information is needed: photo, username, introduction, etc. before posting articles.
3. Identity verification is needed before posting articles.
4. Please check whether your account is banned due to posting restricted content. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

12. Is KYC needed for the token withdrawal, and how long will the transaction take?

KYC is needed for the token withdrawal; users cannot withdraw if they do not complete identity verification. The transaction depends on the blockchain network, so please wait with patience.

13. Rules for referring friends:

1. Users can share a specific referral ID or a link to invite friends to register on CBNT.
2. Once the invitees register on CBNT and complete the identity verification, the inviters can gain referral tokens. For the details, please check the referral campaign.