「Announcement」Warning for behaviors against Community Rules No. 2: Fake comments and likes



It’s reported that recently some users leave multi comments under their own post, and also single user leaves multi meaningless comments under a singe post, in order to rush into the HOT, and get more extra CBNT token.

It’s obviously mentioned this behavior is forbidden on CBNT community rules, which also disturb the benefits of other users.

To safeguard the rights and interests of all the CBNT members, the users who against the policy will be public here, and their comment rewards will be confiscated.

1. azmi0

2. ezt882

3. Cryptoguy

4. waheed

5. Ibrahim

6. omar4

7. yousef

8. goodjob

9. KS99121

10. lidoman

11. yazeeddah

12. rehaiem

13. omare05

14. Yasmine

15. hafedatef

16. mohammed

17. Mezo

18. Crypto44

19. Reda

If we find any writers manipulate his referrals to like or leave multi comments under his post, his posting rewards will be confiscated too.

Please also note that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.