「Announcement」CBNT Mining Rules Update


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CBNT is a content platform, even though it is built with blockchain conception and technology, and yet the quality of content is essential to us too.

To encourage the generation of high quality content on CBNT, 

The mining rules will be updated as below, and be valid since June, 13th. 2019.

Total mining token a day: 6.57 million CBNT(same as before)

Token for posting, like, comment and share(adjusted):

  1. Increased to 4.07M from 2.57M

  2. Distribution: writer: up to 50%; curator: 40%; token-holder: 10%

Referral campaign:

  1. Decreased to 1.5M from 3M

  2. Referral reward will be sent if the referral is active enough to qualify the default valid referral standard on CBNT.

  3. Other rules keep same as before

Referral commission:

Same 1M as before


June, 10th. 2019