「Announcement」Token Release Explanation at June


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We have got some questions from users about”whether CBNT token will be released at June”, and here we will explain in details:

It was June, 22nd. that CBNT would be initially released, while due to the BiBox listing at May, the token at June, 22nd. was released ahead of schedule, and was distributed at May, 20th. So this month, at June, 22nd. there will be no token to be released. The second time release will be July, 22nd. The third time release will be August, 22nd.

June, 22nd. is the initial date for CBNT release, the corresponding ads revenue (CaiBao Room) is revenue from May, 12th. to June, 12th. 

The release at July, 22nd. is corresponded with the ads revenue from June, 13th. to July, 12th.

The following releases can be calculated like this.

For example:

The release rate at July, 22nd. is based on the ads revenue (CaiBao Room) from June, 12th. to July, 12th. comparing to the previous month’s ads revenue. The ads revenue (CaiBao Room) last time is 10.01ETH, then the ads revenue from June, 12th. to July, 12th should be at least one time more than 10.01ETH, and the token at July, 22nd. will be released.( for release detail, please refer to release rules)

Currently, Ads partners campaign has been launched among Chinese users, and they can recommend ads resources to CBNT, and increase the release rate together, while sharing the CaiBao Room dividend at the same time.


June, 19th. 2019