CBNT Release Rules Adjustment Announcement


After the CBNT community actively discussed feedback and provided a community vote, based on the long-term development of CBNT decentralization, the new rules for the CBNT release will be implemented as follows. It will be officially implemented on July 22.


Updates are as follows:


The original unlock release rule: July 22nd, the unlocking ratio needs to correspond to the income of the “caibao” room, more than the base month (May 12th to June 12th). The income of the caibao room is at least 1 time, and the unlocking will be 1%.


The updated rule: the release rule will no longer correspond to the base month’s revenue of the caibao room and will be unlocked every month. It will be unlocked for the second time on July 22 and will be unlocked for the third time on August 22nd at 1% each time. For the fourth unlock, 1% will again be unlocked. (The monthly caibao room dividend, the rule is not affected)


The CBNT community will unrelentingly implement the decentralized, economic model self-autonomy and maintain responsibility of everyone in the community. This will ensure all ecological participants can realize their value, achieve long-term development and have a win-win situation.