Millions of CBNT for Grabs !

Refer Friends to Earn Huge Rewards

Referral Campaign
  • Campaign One: Refer to friends and Share a max of 1.5 Million CBNT every day
    • 1、Refer to friends. Once your friends register, pass the KYC and are active on CBNT normally, you will be rewarded with CBNT tokens.
    • 2、No limits on the referral amount. The more friends you recommend, the more tokens you will earn.
    • 3、There is a max of 1.5 million CBNT daily for the referral campaign and will be divided evenly based on the total referral amount.
  • Campaign Two: Referral Commission Equals 10% of Your Referral Mining.
    • 1、Once your referral registers on CBNT and pass KYC, uses CBNT normally, and starts mining, you can receive an extra mining commission. This equals 10% of what your referral mines, and it will last a year starting from the date they start mining. The mining commission won't affect your referral’s mining as it will be sent from the commission pool.
    • 2、No limits on referral amount. The more friends you recommend, the more commission you will receive.

    You can participate in Campaign One and Campaign Two at the same time.
Ranking List
    • 1、If your effective referral is more than 1 friend, it will be shown here.
    • 2、The referral amount will be counted every day.
    • 1、The referral commission will be distributed from the commission pool, and the mining pool won't be affected.
    • 1、 referrals until now, effective, and NaN invalid