The best and worst expected scenarios for the performance of the Pitcairn after its recent jump


With the price of both Bitquin and other digital currencies continuing to rise in the market, it seems that the encryption market is about to witness something huge, whether it is a path to the highest price levels at all or a sharp drop in prices. Since fundamental analysis is not useful at this stage and technical analysis is changing its criteria according to new market conditions, what remains is to speculate on the future of digital currencies.

Predicted scenarios and speculation start from the ethrium currency, which suffered a price decline between September and November 2018. For three months, the currency suffered price fluctuations of around $ 200, the highest of $ 270 and the lowest of $ 170, Time is stable in the currency rate.

With Ethrium returning to this level now, there is a lot of speculation about its ability to maintain at this level or not, based on many factors such as the problems facing the trading platform of "Bitfinx" and the currency, "Thether" digital, which can collapse and affect the price of Bitquin to become less than $ 1000.

For the Bitfinx platform, it suffered from problems with the Digital Tether, which resulted in the European authorities confiscating more than $ 800 million from the platform, but the platform managed to raise $ 1 billion in time to save both Bitquin and the encryption market from collapse one more time.

The "Theether" currency was transferred from one bank to another and opened bank accounts long enough for some business to be closed. This was the job of Crepto Capital, which deals with Althather in Europe, And platform.

In general, history suggests that current price rises must stop at some point, but history does not always repeat itself, especially for the short history of the Beatles. More than one analyst has predicted that the price of the Pitcairn will reach $ 10,000, while there is speculation that the price of the Betcairn to less than $ 1000, and between them some see that the Betquin could fall back to $ 5000.

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