The right health tips for the baby

Never let your newborn baby eat anything other than breastmilk milk. Many people do not know water, honey, sugar water or Misri's water without knowing, this can cause a lot of damage to the child. Do not bath the child for the first three days after birth.


✔️ Do not let the baby eat anything other than breast milk in the first 6 months. Food and nutrition needed to protect children's health. Very beneficial for mother's milk baby. All components that require a small child's physical growth and emotional development can be found at the appropriate level of breast milk.

✔️ If the child is six months old, he should give extra food to his breast as well as milk. Because after this time the mother's breast milk decreases and her physical needs increase with the increase in the body's body.

✔️ Do not try to force them to feed the child if they do not want to eat. Do not give your baby any food outside, long-term freezing or regular meals. Make her own food by hand.

✔️ Do not wash the fruit of the food. Many ideas of eating bananas, oranges and other fruits will make the child feel cold or grow. This idea is not correct at all. Let your baby eat all the fruits

During sleep, do not give milk to other foods such as feeders without breast milk.

✔️ If you have diarrhea or diarrhea, you will also have all the food along with saline. Do not stop any food.

You will not go anywhere near the child alone, sitting alone in a place. Do not try to walk with your child's walker as long as the child can walk on his own.

✔️ Never give any medicines to the child without consulting the doctor. Do not close any food if you have diarrhea or diarrhea. Do not cover the clothes with thick clothes or blankets.

Immediately after birth, the tendency of jaundice of children is seen. There are many reasons for this and it is not always possible to avoid it. So keep in mind that the newborn baby can drink enough of the mother's milk.

✔️ If you do not play or do mischief, never threaten your child. It can be a problem for mental development. Do not kill the child, explain to him something bad.

✔️ Do not watch scary movies or plays with children. Never sit in front of the baby and do not smoke.

✔️ Keep all drugs out of the child's reach. Do not keep any sharp objects such as needle, scissors and knives in front of the baby. Do not leave your baby alone in the kitchen or toilet.

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