The right way to keep a good health, health tips

If the body is good, then there is a lot of work spontaneity in the mind as well as fresher and refreshing. And if the mind is good then everything feels good. Moreover, healthy, beautiful and fit body is all the desire. Having a healthy life can only allow you to maintain mood and maintain healthy and fit body. But living a healthy life does not mean putting your whole life style into piles. You can come back to a healthy lifestyle by changing some of the habits and rules. Here are some health tips that you can follow to live a healthy and healthy life.


☀ Develop the habit of sleeping in the morning. Wake up every morning at 30 - 40 minutes walk. Remember that there is no better cost than the walk. It will keep the mind and body fresh.

☀ Regularly develop regular eating habits, eating less or more, both are harmful to health. Increase fiber foods (such as leafy vegetables and fruits) in the food list. Reduce fatty foods. Stop completely frozen and fast food foods.

☀ Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day. Drink hot water with lemon and honey at the beginning of the day. Drink water at least one to two hours after drinking at least one hour after drinking food during the meal.

Eat less red meat (cow, buffalo, goat meat), sweet, ghee, dalda.

☀ Put fruits and vegetables more on the food list. You can eat a little more than once at a time. Try to include two types of vegetables and one fruit at each meal.

Eat raw vegetables salad during each meal. Eat only fresh vegetables. Eat freshly cooked food, never eat nuts.

☀ Eat all the fried and oiled foods from the food. Also exclude high sugar foods such as light drinks, ice cream, candy and cookies from the list of foods.

☀ Exercise according to the nature of your body. Those who have fatty or jaundiced can do regular and proper exercise. Spend at least 30 minutes per day as well as walking and other expenses.

Avoid excessive tea and coffee habits instead of fresh fruit juices. Take regular care of the body. Maintain body beauty.

Should eat early in the night. Develop habit of sleeping after two to three hours for less than eating.

☀ Make 7 to 8 hours sleep habits every night. Regular and moderate sleep needs good health and safety. Leave sleeping habits in the day and make early sleep habits early in the night. Wear loose clothing before bedtime.

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