Knowing All About Cryptocurrency Airdrops


If you are into cryptocurrency business, then you must be knowing about cryptocurrency airdrops. If not, then we will let you know about that from the article and will also be providing you with information about its advantages and disadvantages. But before going beyond, it is better to have a clear understanding of the subject which is cryptocurrency airdrops. The word ‘airdrop’ must have stuck you and prompted you to think about its connection with cryptocurrency. So by gauging your curiosity about the topic, we will let you know all about cryptocurrency airdrops.

Concept Of Cryptocurrency Airdrops

If you are wondering about the term airdrop in cryptocurrency, then you need to understand that it is a marketing gimmick which sends free tokens or coins to wallets for promoting new virtual currency. These currencies are sent in small amounts to wallets for free or as feedback to the retweet posts of the company issuing the currency. Please note that a legalized crypto airdrop never indulge capital investment in the currency; rather, it’s objective is entirely promotional. 

In cryptocurrency, an airdrop is a procedure that involves the distribution of free tokens and coins to the active members of the blockchain community. The coins sent to current holders of crypto wallets is usually Ethereum and Bitcoin. You will mostly found them on the company’s website or cryptocurrency forums. 

While knowing all about cryptocurrency airdrops, you need to know that to qualify for the gift, he/she is supposed to carry minimum crypto coins in the wallets, or need to do tasks by posting about currency on social media forums or by penning down a blog post. The airdrop is a kind of promotional activity, which is done to initiate in bootstrap virtual currency project. The objective behind it is to know more about cryptocurrency project and to involve more and more people for trading in it.

Working Of Airdrop

Businesses that are much concerned with the crypto airdrops offer alerts to users plus a variety of marketing services to update their airdrops. 

Advantages Of Cryptocurrency Airdrop

  • Good airdrop campaigns are generally useful for gaining the attention of the community because in most cases, projects get featured on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and many others. 

  • Moreover, there are many crypto news networks, which consist of special sections that include a list of upcoming and recent cryptocurrency airdrop, and how it can be entitled to receive. 

Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency Airdrop

  • By giving a few airdrops, the impact of marketing and community building don’t give satisfactory results. Even if giving too many airdrops, still there is a risk of the market value of the tokens getting diluted.


In this article we made you understand all about cryptocurrency airdrops and about its working. The main objective of these airdrops is to provide free tokens and coins to the members that are active on the blockchain community. The main objective behind these airdrops is promotion rather indulging in capital investments in the currency. But apart from it, we also found it important to make you aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to know about the past airdrops, then you can get to know through online airdrop sites, which will brief you and can even update about the developments that are taking place. Hope this information must have proved useful for all those who are new to cryptocurrency airdrop concept.

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