Samsung Galaxy Fold: a new launch date for soon 😊

The boss of Samsung Mobile spoke in the Korean press. He says the Galaxy Fold malfunction investigation is over. A new date for its commercialization will be announced in a few days. 

Will the Galaxy Fold be the most beautiful failure of Samsung or really the beginning of a new era for the Korean firm? Today, there is nothing to answer this question. For Samsung has suspended the marketing of the phone and informed customers that pre-orders may be canceled if the phone is not available before the end of May (information unveiled by the US press earlier this week). 

And the technical problems encountered seem very complex to be solved in less than three weeks. Speaking in the press Faced with this concern, DJ Koh, the boss of Samsung Mobile, took the time to talk with some journalists, including those of the Korea Herald. His goal: to reassure on the upcoming release of the Galaxy Fold and offer an update of the information. 

First, a new marketing date will be announced in a few days. 

This one will concern the United States. The date would not have been validated yet. However, the director of the division says that the Galaxy Fold will not be late (or, at least, no more late than it already is).

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