Shillong- A Journey to The Scotland of East

Shillong’s rising status as the multi-faceted tourist destination has led to the upsurge of modification of the tourism industry of the north-eastern state of Meghalaya.Shillong remained the capital of Assam until the creation of the new state Meghalaya in 21st January, 1972, when it became the capital of the new state. Meghalaya- ‘the abode of clouds’ is literally blessed with breathtaking hill stations and picturesque landscape. With sparkling waterfalls, manicured gardens and distinct culture, this enticing small town of north-east India beckons you to witness the charm it has preserved since antiquity. Far away from the typical ‘mainland India’, Shillong is the ‘Scotland of East’. Throughout the year, the weather in Shillong is extremely pleasant with moderate rainfall. The nearest airport to Shillong is Umroi Airport, Barapani, which is 25 km away from the hill station and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati and from here you can book a cab or take a public transport to reach Shillong. Before you book budget air tickets online, let’s check out what can you enjoy in this spectacular city.

Laitlum canyons

Perched in the Khasi hills, Laitlum canyon is blessed with some of the majestic views. It is an ideal place for trekking enthusiasts, it leaves you in awe with its breathtaking gorges and steep winding stairways that snake their way down to the lush valley. The thrilling rocky trails of Laitlum are trekker’s paradise. The 3000 long step stairway leads you to heaven and passes through sprawling bamboo plantations and colorful bursts of orchids. The canyon is a must visit place.


Waterfall hopping

It is considered to be a core adventurists and one needs to be zealous to hopping around the slippery cliffs of Elephant waterfalls. Rocks on both sides help you strengthen your hold and it is undoubtedly enough to satiate your adventurous soul. The astounding scenic view of the fall is enough to baffle you and the opportunity to experience waterfall rappelling is undoubtedly an add-on to all thrilling adventures.

A visit to Asia’s cleanest village and crossing the living root bridge

Mawlinnong- Asia’s cleanest village is situated in Meghalaya near Shillong and was awarded the title of Cleanest Village in Asia by Discover India. Cleanliness is a way of life for the villagers residing here and all houses here have functional toilets. There are bamboo dustbins all over the village and plastic bags and smoking are strictly prohibited here. Isn’t it so inspiring? The village is mainly inhabited by Khasi tribe, which has left behind the patriarchal society long ago. Here, children get the surname of their mother’s family and wealth passed down from mother to the youngest daughter of the family.

It is in Mawlinnong that you will find the Living Root Bridge, which has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

Nightlife in Shillong

If you are thinking that, being a small hill station situated in a north-eastern state of India, Shillong doesn’t have any nightlife….you are wrong. Shilling has the most happening and vibrant nightlife, which can easily beat any posh metropolis of India. Live music concerts are common here and of you are an avid music lover, you are in a right place. The pubs and clubs here offer enough fun and exotic drinks with lively music, scrumptious food and invigorating dance. Whenever you are in Shillong, don’t forget to enjoy Jadoh, the traditional cuisine of Meghalaya, serves with rice and pork.

Shillong has always been overlooked by the tourists. Despite this hill station enjoys less hype, but the number of tourists is increasing day by day and soon it will be on every voyager’s bucket list.

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