How Does The GDS System Helping The OTAs to Boost Their Airline Reservation System

With the emergence and utilization of technology in the travel industry, we have witnessed a massive transformation on the travel contents and demands that has undoubtedly helped the industry to proliferate its wings. The sole reason behind the amplification of the travel industry is its ability to deliver all-round services with efficiency and conveniently. New airlines are coming forward to connect themselves with the largest aviation industry and apart from that many OTAs too are marking their presence by yielding an amazing and dynamic feature of the airline reservation system, through which a user can receive an extensive range of information related to the airlines. This has all been possible only after the introduction of GDS. It is a computerized system that has been initially designed to receive real-time data of airline industry and later it was modified and now it is being used by the OTAs to get access to the data of travel contents from travel service suppliers.

The real-time availability, price, offers etc. all information can be gathered through a proper web-based channel which has integrated the GDS system into their website. The main features of the GDS system are:


·         Real-time availability and prices

·         Reserve user request

·         Sales and ticketing

·         Facilitate control management for travel agencies

·         Track sales

The modern GDS system evolved from the early labor intensive manual system and now it is serving the industry to gather and distribute the worldwide travel contents among the travelers. An ideal travel agency must have complete access to the GDS Integration Solution, so that they can deliver an astonishing amount of travel product rates and information to their customers, at the lowest possible rate.

Major GDS systems are- Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo and the evolution of all the three system is remarkable in the proliferation of the travel industry. It has been proven that no OTA can run their business efficiently without a proper integration of GDS API, if they wish to gain extensive data of airlines worldwide.

When you integrate Amadeus web service integration, you are facilitated with the following advantages:

·         Search for one way/round trip/multi-city trip flights

·         Search flight by airport or city name

·         Search by departure/arrival time, dates, air carrier name, class, non-stop flights etc.

·         Live streaming of availability, fare, discounts, seat layout, duration of journey etc.

·         Search and booking airline instantly

·         Cancel or reschedule a trip

·         Use Frequent-Flyer-Programs (FFP)

The key benefits of Sabre API Integration are as follows:

·         Extensive series of air carrier/ PNR number of the passenger/ other services to access Sabre content

·         Provides single point of access to the Sabre system

·         Uses XML, SOAP and travel industry standards

·         Frees you from constraints of existing systems and technology

·         Allows you to integrate any web-service enabled functionality on your own customized application

·         Using event notification services minimize mid-office robotic polling and can reduce scan volumes

With Galileo API Integration, you will receive:

·         Online travel agent software

·         Single or multiple PCC interface

·         Flight, hotel, car, cruise, bus reservation system

When a travel agency decides to connect themselves with the largest inventory of travel products, GDS is the only solution that enables them to deliver out of the box services to their end-customers. Serving an over-crowded market with different needs of each individual is not an easy task and but it can be made possible on a larger scale only by a robust GDS system, which works as a web-based channel that yields enormous data to facilitate the huge customer base.

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