CBNT Community Rules---May 2019 Version


For a better CBNT community and sustainable development of the CBNT project, we have considered the suggestions from CBNT members. Here we have the community rules, and any activity against the community rules will be regarded as behaviors against the benefits of all CBNT community members. Thus, the community reserves the rights to deal with such users and behaviors.

  • Fake referrals

CBNT referral campaign: the aim of the campaign is to reward the real users who refer their friends to join CBNT. However, this campaign has been abused by some malicious people and have damaged the ecosystems benefits. The following behaviors are forbidden: buying fake users; creating dozens of accounts as referrals; manipulating the KYC.

  • Fake comment / likes

Low quality likes and comments affect user experience and damage real user’s benefits. The following behaviors are forbidden: Meaningless comments (repeated comments, generic comments, low-quality comments, and spam); manipulating other accounts to like/comment your posts.

  • Posts

CBNT prefers and encourages original content and will help promote high-quality original content by the algorithm.

3.1 Plagiarism is forbidden. CBNT users are not allowed to publish other’s posts without mentioning the source or the permission of the original authors.

3.2 It’s forbidden to publish repeated content again and again.

3.3 Adult/illegal content are not allowed.

3.4 It’s forbidden to choose the wrong category on purpose.

  • Using a robot/program

It’s forbidden to create accounts in batches, do fake KYCs, and like/comment posts by robot or program. These behaviors are against the benefits of all real CBNT users and are prohibited.

  • Borrowing/Purchasing KYC Accounts

It’s forbidden to use and submit other people’s ID or passport to complete the KYC and activate your account.

  • Trade accounts

It’s forbidden to trade CBNT accounts.

  • Trade like/comment mining behaviors

It’s forbidden to trade likes and comments to gain tokens, which is against the benefits of real users.

If it is confirmed that you have violated the above rules 1/2/3 you will receive the following suspensions: if you violate the 1st time, your account will be suspended for 7 days; 15 days for the 2nd time; suspended forever if you violate a 3rd time (the posts will be removed); for 4/5/6/7 rules, we take the violations much more seriously. Your account will be banned forever and it will be exposed among users and the community. 

All the confiscated tokens will be returned to the mining pool (the removed posts will not be awarded, and the distributed token will be confiscated).


Please contact admin on Telegram @trcream @EllenYuu for appeal.

Note: above is the May 2019 CBNT community rules version. The community rules keep in update with the development of the community.